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Overcome hardship together Reach Consensus

A Special Tour of Hersbit Night on the Cruise Ship
        Taking the opportunity of 2010 CHINAPLAS which was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, Hersbit Chemical organized an evening cruise named Hersibt Night on the Huangpu River on April 21.
        It happened to be a national day of mourning for earthquake victims in Yushu County, Qinghai Province. All the preparation work for Hersbit Night had to stop with the sudden notice of this news. Yushu earthquake affected the hearts of NCM staff. Therefore, the organizing committee for this activity decided that Hersbit Night would go as scheduled, considering the scheduling of the guests and other irreversible reasons, but all entertainment would be canceled. Besides, there would be a moment of silence for Yushu victims on the cruise ship.

        On April 21 2010, the whole city of Shanghai was enveloped in an atmosphere of rejoicing and festivity for the coming of the world Expo. The modern buildings along the new Bund were well decorated for the great occasion. It was especially beautiful during the night with so many light and neon on. At that moment, cruise ship of ICBC was also decorated with the welcome sign distinguished guests, welcome to Hersbit Night.
        The cruise ship departed at 6:30pm and Hersbit Night with consensus as its theme started.
        The host and hostess for this party were Li Hao and Chen Xiaoyan. As it was a national day of mourning, the party started with a moment of silence for the earthquake victims in Yushu. Just at this moment, it began to rain, adding to the mournful atmosphere. The host spoke for Hersbit Chemical?? As you know, Hersbit Chemical is a truly compassionate company. We are a unit member of Soong Ching Ling Foundation, besides, we also provide Hersbit scholarship to over 20 universities regularly, we have adopted a panda in Bi Feng Xia, Sichuan, and we have built a hope school for Wen Chuan earthquake. We are giving financial aid to poor students in Maogou area in Baojing County Hunan province. Yushu earthquake also affects the hearts of NCM staff. We will pray for Yushu, and sincerely hope that people in Yushu will rebuild their homes quickly. ??
        And then, president of Hersbit Chemical Mr. Pan Minqi gave a welcome speech and shared a song of Farewell with the guests:??Outside the road shelter by the ancient trail, Grasses are green and wild. Willows are waving with lingering flute; the sun??s setting down the hill. To the ends of the earth, Gone are the friends and acquaintances. Take a cup of farewell with kind wishes, Leaves the heart with cold dreams. Out-side the road shelter by the ancient trail, Grasses are green and wild. Hope you come back when it??s convenient, don??t hesitate to return.??
        Mr. Pan said with deep feeling, ??This song just expressed the recent changes in the world, as we have just bid farewell to the Yushu victims, witnessed Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and Climate Change Conference Copenhagen 2009, watched the disaster movie of 2012, seeing some famous enterprises closed down because of the economic crisis. Many stories just happened around us???? Although the journey is still on the Huangpu River, things have changed a lot. Mr. Pan listed changes after the economic crisis in 2008, especially changes in the arrangement of world chemical industry. In China, we are constructing the harmonious society and World Expo is being held. Hersbit Chemical is also changing. The guests on the cruise increased from a hundred to three hundred in four years. Staff increased from less than four hundred to eight hundred with supplier increased four times. The biggest change is that Hersbit Chemical changed from product oriented to customer oriented, is from profession oriented to profession + service oriented. As it turns out all these changes are in time and efficient.
        Mr. Pan said many friends in the chemical line have different views of Hersbit Chemical: It seems to be an international enterprise, and appears to be a state-owned enterprise, but actually it is a private enterprise. Hersbit Chemical differs from other private enterprises in that we are transformed from a national enterprise and we are attracting university graduates and managers from international enterprises.
        The story of priceless jade (He Shi Bi in Chinese) is well known. We still have a long way to go to achieve real success. We would like to work with you together to reach the goal. We will continuously improve to meet the needs of both our suppliers and customers.
        Finally, Mr. Pan quoted Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi??s answer in the press conference during the annual session of China`s parliament. Mutual understanding is the basis for state-to-state relations. Currently, great changes have taken place in the world. Therefore we are all faced with the task of adjusting ourselves to the world. The most important thing for interaction between nations is logic, which is also the basis for our cooperation with our partners. We expect that the word consensus will be the most frequently used word by the politicians and chemists. We are living in the same world, and we have the same mission to protect water and environment. We should called for an immediate cessation of the reconstruction of chemical equipment and evil competition to realize consensus and sustainability,
        Then, senior manager in the chemical industry Mr. Gao Ruiqiang was invited to deliver a speech for the party. He first thanked Mr.Pan for his invitation and wished the party a success. Mr. Gao said the growing of Hersibt Chemical was not only because of the success of the company itself, but also the rapid development of the Chinese market. He shared his 30-year experience in the chemical industry. He mentioned that when he was still in charge of the plastic business for DOW Chemical, the most important factor for competition was to minimize manufacturing costs. But as time went by, the oil price brought new challenge to cost reduction. Nowadays, profit of the plastic industry was influenced by many factors and we need to make innovations to the products and their applications. Finally, he wished every gain a lot in CHINAPLAS and become more prosperous.
        At that moment, Mr.Pan proposed a toast. For better cooperation and brighter future, cheers!
Cruise ship of ICBC, also known as cruise boat ??Kaffir Lily??, on which General Secretary Hu Jintao accompanied presidents of several countries to visit the night scene of Huangpu River. Today, this ship was elaborately decorated by Hersbit Chemical. The first floor and the second were decorated with beautiful flowers and paintings with the word consensus on it. Managers of Hersbit Chemical were talking with the guests.
        The guests enjoyed the buffet dinner. Friends, old and new, met each other, talking about the market situation freely. Before everyone realized it, half of the trip had finished. The award activity started. There were three awards: Friendship Award, Success Award and Consensus Award. Winners will be selected in random from the repeating video clips of the guests?? photos. When the consensus award was presented, the host told the reason for this award. Consensus had a rich meaning in the Chinese language, sharing the same views, having the same developing direction, overcoming hardship together and confidence, belief, responsibility and care. Besides, it also means conviction and collaboration. Following the award activity was a sand painting performance by an artist from Guangzhou. President of Hersbit Chemical Mr. Pan Minqi, senior vice president Mr. Ma Guozhen and east China region sales director Mr. Mao Bo presented the awards.
        We spent this special day of April 21 2010 in such a beautiful spring evening. We would note in the history of Hersbit Chemical.
        This is a day of spring rain, a day of mourning for Yunshu victims, with 10 days left to the opening of World Expo, and it is the second day of 2010CHINAPLAS, we have met our friends and partners on this cruise ship on Huangpu River to enjoy the Hersbit Night together.