Chemistry is a core subject of natural science. During the development of science, chemistry played a very important role. In this chemistry kingdom, chemistry knowledge develops itself into many branches. This procedure mixes with the efforts and wisdom of innumerable chemists. It is very important for us to study and research chemistry and to cultivate scientific thoughts and methods that to review the important discovery and invention of chemists and to use their thought and methods as reference.

If someone became a great chemist, he must be a man with inimitable characteristic. To read history of chemistry, we would understand the present science research and the trend of the development of science as well as make a use of the experiences of the success and lessons of failure of those scientists for reference and absorb it, which would be very helpful for us too. Through the study of scientific spirit and scientific study method of those scientists, we can cultivate practical and realistic scientific spirit and the ability of innovation and also we can use scientific knowledge to create a new time for ourselves.

¡°Stories of Chemistry¡± bring you many interesting stories and would let you understand what kind of science chemistry is. How does it developed? And from every side, they tell you about the importance of chemistry and to study chemistry, you must be very careful. You will finally understand that every chemical achievement is hard owned.

If you have read the stories of chemistry, been interested in it and been willing to study and research it; then, the writer and we would be gratified very much.

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