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    Jiangsu Hersbit Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (Abbreviation: JHEPT) attended world`s largest exhibition of water treatment industry at Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center from June 15 to 17, 2016. JHEPT demonstrated customized circular economical solutions for a safer and more efficient water-treatment system for chemical, petroleum, medicine, domestic water industries, etc.
    JHEPT always regards water-treatment process as the key part of the solutions to the water resources problems. For the sake of the society and environment, we provide reliable and sustainable fresh water resources with the water treatment technology. JHEPT introduced the solutions to wastewater treatment, including electrodialysis membrane, advanced electrochemical oxidation equipment, FO membrane, hyperfiltration membrane, VOC waste gas treatment scheme, cleaning agents, and etc. In order to provide a vivid impression to visitor, JHEPT set up a mock device for illustrating how to deal with high concentrated wastewater. Besides, FEDI sectional electric desalination equipment and innovative membrane shell were also shown at the exhibition.

    On the earth, the fresh water that can be used only accounts for three over one hundred thousand of the total water. With seawater desalting technology, people find one way to increase the fresh water. JHEPT and our cooperative partners have mutually developed recycling technology of concentrated salt water with reverse osmosis and electrodialysis technology. This recycling technology has been successfully applied to sea water desalination field, so it has prominent social and economic benefits. Moreover, this technology won the second prize of the science and technology Award. As for the trending to zero emission, JHEPT adopts utrafiltration system and ERC technology to provide different solutions, and help users to reduce the costs and the running fees of the water.
    Through this exhibition, JHEPT demonstrated its powerful strength with its gigantic sales network, reliable distribution platform, professional service team, rich product portfolio, and powerful technical support. Moreover, it showed its comprehensive, systematic and sustainable environmental protection solutions and one-stop service. From now on, JHEPT is dedicated to work closely with the partners to create a better, safer, healthier living world for all human beings.