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Jiangsu Hersbit Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (Abbreviation: JHEPT) attended World`s largest exhibition of water treatment industry from June 10 to 12, 2015 (Booth #2.118, Hall #7.2, Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center). JHEPT attended the exhibition with various international famous bands, and demonstrated a series of new products and customized solutions for water treatment industry.
It was JHEPT`s third time to attend AQUATECH CHINA. JHEPT is always dedicated to provide integrated circular economy solutions for water, air, soil, mine, clean energy, and so on. Therefore, JHEPT could make contributions to create a safer, healthier environment while the State is controlling air, water and soil pollution. At AQUATECH CHINA 2015, JHEPT introduced following new products: water treatment series: Electrodialysis membrane and FEDI sectional electric desalination equipment; Air handler series: formaldehyde scavenger and etc. Electrodialysis membrane could be used in desalination of seawater and brackish water, purification of natural water purification, desalination of hydrate precursor solution, utilization of salinity wastewater, and etc. The FEDI sectional electric desalination equipment could reduce total investment of the equipment and ensure the water quality for long time. Moreover, JHEPT placed a major emphasis on formaldehyde scavenging agent of its own brand which can remove free formaldehyde efficiently and permanently. It is safe and nontoxic, and without secondary pollution.
JHEPT arranged a technical lecture at site, so customers can form a better understanding towards the products on display at the exhibition. Technical staff explained the products in details. Besides, they specially made a sand table for hard and difficult treatment process of wastewater at site. The sand table helped customers to form a clear understanding toward the products. Moreover, JHEPT deputy manager Mr. Song Shuguang gave an interview by professional media on behalf of JHEPT. Mr. Song introduced JHEPT`s business concepts, products on display at the exhibition, and the comprehensive solutions, including FilmTec RO membrane of Dow Chemical, ion exchange resin, electrodialysis, medicament of US water treatment chemicals as the core water treatment products, automotive ternary catalyst of Johnson Matthey, coal chemical industry catalyst of Johnson Matthey as the core products for air pollution controlling, Orfom beneficiation reagents of Chevron Phillips as the core products for mining and soil controlling products. After Mr. Song`s introduction, industry insiders formed a deeper understanding toward JHEPT and its products.
Through this exhibition, JHEPT demonstrated its powerful strength with its gigantic sales network, reliable distribution platform, professional service team and powerful technical support. Moreover, it showed its comprehensive, systematic and sustainable environmental protection solutions and one-stop service. From now on, JHEPT is dedicated to work closely with the partners to create a better, safer, healthier living world for all human beings.